Martina and Joerg are convinced that wines are created in nature. The wines are shaped in the vineyard by climate, soil and the surrounding ecosystem. Both winemakers work tirelessly to improve their sense of these factors – and hence, their wines.


Weingut Bernhard Wein aus Rheinhessen

In order to capture the naturalness in the wine in the best possible way and bring this naturalness to unfold, the vineyard and the soil must be as vital as possible. This is why Martina & Joerg work according to biodynamic principles.

Team spirit

Martina is the young wine maker, eager for knowledge and keen to experiment. She is Joerg’s daughter. He is the down-to-earth nature boy who loves to spend every single minute in the vineyards. Together they form the heart and soul of the family winery, the strength of which lies in their team spirit.

Firm belief

As a team, father & daughter were able to take a fresh look at the world of wine, experiment together and develop a common philosophy which they firmly believe in and continuously pursue.

»The conditions in Wolfsheim are unique. We catch that with our wines.«

Martina Bernhard

Our methods of cultivation

Martina and Joerg work biodynamically out of conviction. This allows them to protect the environment and promote the uniqueness of nature, while achieving the highest quality in the vineyard.

The basis for healthy vines is a vital soil. To promote this, they rely on deliberate revegetation management, i.e. they selectively sow clover and herb species that loosen the soil with their roots, bring in nutrients and attract beneficial insects. In this way, they can refrain from the use of artificial fertilizers and increase biodiversity in the vineyard.

Martina and Joerg support the vitality and natural defenses of their vines with tonics such as horn manure, horn silica and plant teas, some of which they grow themselves. The goal is not only to preserve their environment, but to strengthen it. This way, future generations can continue their craft.

To the wines

Now you know how we work and where our vines grow. Surely you are now curious about the wines.